Why Hair Chair?

Finally, a proven scientific solution that utilizes the most advanced technology to improve the appearance of thinning hair.

Hair rejuvenation center offers Hair Chair a non-invasive method to improve the perception of aging that accompanies a thinner looking head of hair. For many people, losing hair is a fact of life. Once the appearance of aging sets in, a vibrant, healthy looking head of hair is often the key to self-esteem and a sense of well being. To look younger and feel better about their appearance, many turn to other cosmetic treatments such as wigs, shampoos and coloring. Others try non-cosmetic methods such as surgical implants, chemicals and prescription drugs to improve their appearance, all with mixed results. In 2007 Americans spent over 1.5 billion dollars on hair transplant and billions more on medical pharmaceuticals. The simplicity of these numbers show one thing, Americans want a full thick head of hair! Until recently Americans have had few choices that produce satisfactory results. Hair Chair is about to change everything that you know about thinning hair. Hair Chair has been proven to be effective in giving thousands of people back the appearance of a full and healthy head of hair within 4 to 6 months of commencing treatments.

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